Root2Rise Immersion: Expand Your Conscious Business

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Root2Rise Immersion: Deepen Your Roots To Expand Your Wellness Business

Location: Chateau Singh Westwood, Los Angeles
Instructors: Michael Eisen & Sat Devbir Singh

Are you ready to take your vision and turn it into a real sustainable business?

Many people dream of having their own sustainable “wellness” business. Some have invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into training in various fields of expertise (yoga, movement, massage, healing, coaching, etc), but still struggle to support themselves financially.
Root2Rise Immersion was created to help you navigate the intricacies of running your own wellness business with more ease and grace. It can be challenging and draining enough as is to show up authentically and teach, facilitate and hold space for others to grow and heal. Its a whole other entity trying to figure out how to run a business while creating a sustainable income and stable life for yourself!  
It’s time to stop surviving and start THRIVING in every aspect of your business!
This immersion is dedicated to helping you take your wellness business to the next level. In the time we will spend together, we will cover the simple and practical steps needed to increase your income, increase your impact, decrease your workload, and maximize your time spent doing what you love. 
Do you feel like you're meant to be your own boss and create your own path, but don't know how to do it successfully?

Are you tired of not feeling properly compensated for all that you give?

Are you tired of taking on too much and not knowing where to invest your time?

Developing structure and organization in your business doesn’t have to be so hard!

What this program covers:

  • How to create a simple structure for all you offer so you can maximize earnings and minimize effort
  • How to organize your schedule so you feel more balanced and spend more time in your zone of genius
  • How to master all elements of your business including the ones that confuse you
  • How to design a personal brand that you are passionate about
  • How to authentically promote and market yourself and business
  • How to manage your finances and accounting with more ease
  • How to overcome any internal or external blocks that limit your success
  • How to discern which projects deserve your time and which do not
  • How to operate your business from an authentic abundance mindset
  • How to balance your doing with more BEING
  • Meditations to balance Spiritual & Material worlds, clear prosperity blocks, and more
  • Healing tools to activate your Self Worth, Receptivity to abundance, and Confidence
About Your Facilitators:
Michael Eisen:
Michael is a passionate, authentic, down-to-earth and heart-centered inspirational speaker, author, conscious entrepreneur, and business coach. He is the Founder of the Youth Wellness Network and the author of the book Empowered YOUth: A Father and Son’s Journey to Conscious Living published by Hay House. He has spoken at Hay House’s “I Can Do It” conferences and shared the stage with the likes of Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Mastin Kipp, Gabby Bernstein and Kris Car. Additionally, he has written blogs for the Huffington Post, Positively Positive, The Daily Love, and Mind Body Green, and has a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University. Most importantly, Michael is passionate about helping others create and expand their wellness businesses by empowering them to develop deeper roots so they can share their gifts with the world in a larger capacity.
Sat Devbir Singh:

Sat Devbir Singh, Dr. of Divinity, is an International Speaker, Yoga educator, Natural Healer, and Ordained Minister. He believes that we all come to being as Masters of destiny, empowered to create fulfilling life experiences.  At an early age, he realized his ability to receive information from the spiritual world and his extrasensory gifts became apparent. From that moment forward, his greatest joy has been to help people realize the innate love, value, and wisdom within themselves. An integral part of this mission was aligning with organic business practices, grounding abundance energy into every day life, and believing that his gifts were valuable. He attributes his success to his passion for helping OTHERS succeed!  

Investment: $333 for all 3 sessions if registered by 1/25/2018

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