Energetic Mastery Virtual Course

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Welcome to this Four-Part series to Activate Your Energetic Mastery and Increase Your Light Quotient! Instructors: Sat Devbir Singh & Hillary Faye www.satdevbirsingh.com https://www.hillaryfaye.com/ Format: Online training, including 4 videos and PDF workbook Originally live-streamed with Sat Devbir and Hillary Faye, you will feel the huge transmissions from the group energy that was created in this beautiful course. Get ready for high, cosmic vibrations, the best esoteric teachings to enhance your well being, and receive multiple attunements. This course was designed to open you to the flow of prosperity, clarity, joy, connection, and mastery. We recommend that you do one session per day and complete the recommended action steps each night. You can repeat this course as many times as you'd like and continue to get more/something new each time!    

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